4 Fantastic First Bath Toys for Baby

fantastic bath toys for babyWhether you have a water baby or one that needs some encouragement to get into the bath, great bath toys always make bath time enticing. And if the little guy or gal is distracted by the right toy, they won't notice when you're scrubbing behind their ears or scream when you rinse the shampoo out of their hair (not that I know any babies that do that, ahem).

Munchkin sent me some bath toys to test on my baby, and along with some picks from that arsenal, here are my son's other favorite things to splash around with in the tub:


Munchkin Bath Shape Sorter

My baby is in a serious shape sorting phase and this floating turtle offers him the chance to achieve greatness even while getting clean. This kept him occupied for one entire bath time -- when he's usually trying to stand up and see what else we've got stashed away behind the soap.

bath toys for babySesame Street Finger Paint Bubble Bath

This is one of those bath toys the baby shares with (or stole from) his sister. In addition to my 15-month-old's new love for Elmo, he loves to spread the soapy paint all over himself, the tub, and occasionally me. Luckily it's an easy wash-off and helps in the cleaning process.

bath toys for baby


Munchkin Bubble Monkeys

This toy was a hit with my baby, but also his big sister. He hasn't yet mastered blowing bubbles, but his sister has -- and was more than willing to blow the soapy shapes all over him, while he laughed hysterically. Since this is marked ages 2 and up, it's best for a two-in-the-tub bath experience.



bath toys for babyAlex Toys Rub a Dub Pirate Squirters

Anyone who has been over at our house during bath time has gotten squirted by a pirate or a cannon, sometimes both. My baby grabs one in each hand and won't let go even after bath time is over. He even loves it when I fill them up and squirt it in his direction -- since he has yet to master the squirty toy fill-up. But he will, believe me, he will.




Munchkin Bath Shape Sorter ($12.99) -- Amazon

Sesame Street Finger Paint Bubble Bath ($6.95) -- Amazon

Munchkin Bubble Monkeys ($8.99) -- Amazon

Alex Toys Rub a Dub Pirate Squirters ($11.95) -- Amazon



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