Ellen Pompeo Inspires Me to Try Mommy & Me Yoga

Yoga BabyI saw a photo of Ellen Pompeo taking her little one, 9-month-old Stella Luna, to a mommy-and-me yoga class. I was intrigued.

Since I had Kavya four months ago, I'm back to my pre-baby weight. I didn't gain much -- I was "all belly" -- and so it fell off within the first few weeks.

But my body is definitely different. It still feels rounder and fuller, and despite the breastfeeding, I'm not where I want to be physically. Between taking care of Kavi and my non-stop work from home schedule, I haven't had much time to think about eating, let alone exercising (even though the gym we're looking at offers child care).


My husband is a bit of a yogi, and he's been trying to get me into it for years. But I'm a total Type-A (despite seeming deceptively mellow some of the time -- it's all his influence!) and can't sit still. The breathing stresses me out. Basically, I'm much more comfortable on an elliptical, even though I haven't touched one in years.

But a mommy-and-me yoga class could be worth a try. I wouldn't have to give up the time with Kavi or find child care, and I could start slow, squeezing in a workout here and there. After all, who doesn't want a yoga body?

As for Kavi, she seems like she'd be into it. Like all babies, she's all about stuffing her toes into her mouth.

Plus, it would be a good socializing experience for Kavi -- and for me. I've yet to make a single new mommy friend. Because, since her birth, I've spent most of my time with her -- while working, bleh. And Kavi's spent most of her time hanging out with me, her papa, and our families. She's never really met another baby her age.

Then again, if I've hated yoga every single time I've tried it before, why would it be different now?

Maybe, though, motherhood could be just the thing to mellow me out a bit. It's worth a shot.

Have you tried yoga with your little one?

Image via Upsilon Andromedae/Flickr

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