Gisele Bundchen & Tom Brady Christen Benjamin: Did You Have a Religious Ceremony for Your Baby?

gisele bundchen tom bradyGisele Bundchen -- supermodel, super step-mom, super mother, super body -- christened 6-month-old Benjamin yesterday, just a few days after Tom Brady's first Father's Day as a dad of two. His son, John, with Bridget Moynahan is almost 3.

It was a family affair in Santa Monica and both Gisele and Tom wore navy -- baby Ben was in a little white suit.

Says a source:

"Everyone was passing Benjamin around and doting on him. He was happy the whole time and just looking around taking it all in. When he would smile, everyone would marvel and give him kisses. All the family members were taking turns holding him. You could really see how much they love him. After the luncheon, they drove home and Benjamin fell asleep in the car. Gisele carried him inside on her shoulder and he didn't wake up."

My husband and I have talked about christening our twins, but I'm not so sure.


I consider myself to be a very religious person, perhaps spiritual is the right word. But I embrace aspects of various religions and don't necessarily feel tied to just one even though I was raised Catholic.

Still, some people who aren't practicing Catholics have a christening "just in case" or because the act of ceremony is a part of tradition in their family.

Did you have a religious ceremony for your baby?


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