Octomom's Mother Is Freaking Out & More News

nadya sulemanI'm so sad about all those babies living in Nadya Suleman's craziness! That, horoscopes, and figuring out if naming your baby is a feminist issue in today's links I'm loving:

  • On the one hand, this is not news. On the other hand, the latest interview with the mother of Octomom, Nadya Suleman, is a shocking tale of a chaotic, non-sleeping, financially ruining household as the babies near toddlerhood. Suleman's mother says Octomom has no self-awareness about what she's doing to herself, her mother, or her kids. What a mess. -- RadarOnline
  • I'll cop to looking in a relationship horoscope book after my daughter was born to figure out if she would be my BFF or my mortal enemy according to the stars. But Let's Panic! About Babies horoscope reveals the true nature of your baby (crying) and is a heck of a lot more fun. For example: "Aquarius babies are iconoclasts. Which means they don’t care about your needs and will just scream and carry on and feed, feed, feed. MONSTERS." That's my girl! -- Let's Panic!
  • I use my own last name professionally, but have legally changed my last name to my husband's and our children have his last name as well. Like Hilary Shenfeld at Suburbanista, I felt I could keep one man's name (my father's) or choose another man's name (my husband's). Not a feminist issue, but what worked for me, personally. But what's going to happen to all of those babies who have the hyphenated surnames from couples who didn't merge under one family name? Mostly, when they meet another hyphenated-named kid. How many last names can one person have? -- True/Slant


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