Naomi Watts on Having Two Babies Under Two and More Baby News

I still love my son's name ... Kyle
Baby names, baby sign language, and Naomi Watts on having two boys under two years old. Three of my favorite baby links this week ...

  • There's been some debate whether baby sign language is beneficial for a baby's language development or not, but a UC Davis professor -- and the co-founder of Baby Signs -- stands by her program and says, "It definitely has a positive effect on verbal development." Regardless, this article, "Baby Sign Language Can Help Your Child Communicate," is an interesting read. -- ParentDish
  • Naomi Watts, the mother of two beautiful boys, recently said that having two babies under the age of two was the "hardest thing" she's ever done. -- Celebrity Baby Blog
  • I've known a few people who regretted the name they gave their baby, but The Sun says 1 in 5 people regret their baby's name. That's a lot! Do you regret your baby's name? -- Mom Logic

Image via Jennie Canzoneri

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