Tips From Constance Marie on Designing a Safe, Green Nursery

Constance Marie's NurseryWhen actress Constance Marie designed a nursery for her daughter, Luna Marie, she went with green. Not necessarily in color scheme, but in making sure her daughter's environment would be safe and eco-friendly.

In her blog on People, she describes her belief that toxic environmental elements contributed to her fertility problems and how she has since detoxified her family's environment.

"Once I became pregnant with Luna Marie I realized, ‘If I detoxified my environment, wouldn't I apply all this knowledge to keep my baby as non-toxic as possible as well?' I saw how Bisphenol A (BPA), mercury, and other chemicals were affecting my body and wondered how it would affect my baby once she was born."


She says according to her research, a nursery is one of the most toxic environments because generally, everything is brand-new.

"Made with new glues, new paints, varnishes, flame-retardants, and pesticides and your baby breathes in all these fumes as they sleep," she states. "The toxins are there for years!"

Four areas she said she paid most attention to when it came to safety were:

  1. Paint
  2. The Crib
  3. The Crib Mattress
  4. An Air Purifier

Marie recognizes the financial and time challenges designing a green nursery can present, but offers tips and reassurance that every effort helps.

"As moms we don't have a lot of time, and there are 50 million things we're doing simultaneously. We can't do everything perfectly. I say, ‘Start slow and just do the best you can!'"

Are you incorporating green methods and products into your nursery? How important do you think it is to do so?

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