5 Fabulous Lovies for Cuddly Babies

aden   anais issie blanketSome babies love cuddling up next to a soft something or other (don't you?). A great lovey helps babies to relax and sleep sweetly.

My son has recently moved on to stuffed animals, but was a big fan of the lovey when he was smaller. We had all of these lovies in our home at one point or another and ran them through the baby paces. Here's why these five lovies are great picks for the baby on your shower list.


aden + anais Issie

Perfect for summer, the issie is not only a very cute name for a security blanket, but a lightweight natural cotton muslin lovie that breathes with your baby. The issie comes in a two-pack so you can always have an extra lovey on hand, which you know you'll need as soon as your baby is permanently attached to his issie.


deglingos milkos the cowThe Deglingos Milkos the Cow

A creative company I love, we have a few Deglingos dolls around our house and Milkos is especially well-made for hugging, biting, and drooling babies. The patchwork cow is made of different materials -- soft cotton and corduroy -- designed for cuteness as well as cuddliness.

taggies natural lovie



Taggies Naturals

My daughter received a monogrammed taggie blanket when she was born, and since my son couldn't read, we passed it on to him as well. The naturals collection is made of organic cotton fibers, natural silk, and safe dyes. If your baby is like most, they'll be excited by the tags they can chew on and grab with their little chubby hands.

organic bunny lovie



Organic Bunny Lovie by miYim

This was also passed down from my daughter to my son, and while my daughter spent a lot of time gnawing on the bunny's head, my son was more of a snuggler. I'm sure this naturally colored organic bunny lovey is ready to retire from our overly cuddly household.



my blankee security blanketMy Blankee Security Blanket

You can splurge on the full-sized luxury of these velour blankees, or save your money and get a mini version in the security blanket. We actually wound up with two of these gems (thank you Grandma and Auntie!) and they really are one of the softest things you can put next to baby's skin. If you fall in love, you can even order a My Blankee for your king-sized bed.


aden + anais Issie ($19.95 for 2) -- aden + anais

The Deglingos Milkos the Cow ($19.99) -- Amazon

Taggies Naturals ($28.95) -- Taggies

Organic Bunny Lovie by miYim ($14.99) -- Buy Buy Baby

My Blankee Security Blanket ($26.95) -- Amazon


Images (top to bottom): aden + anais; Amazon; Taggies; Buy Buy Baby; Amazon

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