CYBEX Baby Carriers Recalled

CYBEX 2. GOTime to check your baby carrier again. This time the CYBEX 2. G0 carriers are being recalled by the Consumer Product Safety Commission because the straps can break.

They were sold in the United States and in Canada by Regal Lager Inc. between August 2009 - April 2010. While there were three reports of straps breaking, there have been no injuries reported.


The company asks that consumers destroy the products and send the buckles back in order to get a new, safer model.

In March, more than a million Infantino slings were recalled.

So is it safe to use carriers at all?

I used them with both of my children with no problem, and I know many moms that have and still do.  

If you still choose to do so, Consumer Reports has a list of safety tips for using baby carriers. Some of them include:

  • Be careful when bending, leaning forward, or going through doorways when wearing a carrier. If you have to reach down, bend at your knees to make sure your baby stays upright. Don't bend over at your waist.
  • Use a carrier only for standing or walking. Don't use it for sporting activities like running or bicycling or when cooking, cleaning, carrying a load, or driving.
  • Don't use a carrier to hold your baby in a car instead of a car seat.
  • Don't leave a baby in the carrier while putting it on or taking it off.
  • Don't put your baby in a carrier that's not attached to you or another caregiver.
  • Stop using a carrier if any parts or components are damaged, missing, or broken.
  • Consider his and hers carriers if you and your partner want to use a strap-on or hip carrier frequently and you're not roughly the same size. To wear a strap-on or hip carrier safely, adjust the straps exactly right. If you have a separate carrier for each parent, you won't have to continually adjust the carrier to trade back and forth or be tempted to make a too-quick adjustment.

Have the product recalls changed your use of a baby carrier?


Image via CBC News

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