Losing Baby Weight: Cookie Diets & Other Ideas That Don't Work!

Did I hear someone say COOKIE DIET?

Come on, now. If you could eat cookies and lose baby weight, I would be a size negative 6 by now.

The cookie diet claims that amino acids in the cookies will curb your appetite. I'm sorry, but I've never met a cookie that didn't make me want to eat three more!

There seems to be plenty of new weight loss fads claiming to magically make the pounds disappear -- all aimed at us new moms. Did you hear the one about the baby food?

Jennifer Aniston is rumored to have tried the baby food diet, created by trainer Tracy Anderson. The diet involves 14 servings of baby food a day and a healthy dinner.

Are you kidding me? I know baby food is made of fruits and veggies, but even 14 servings of baby food probably doesn't have as many calories as a bowl of cereal. Will you lose weight? Probably. Is it good for you? Not at all. You're basically starving yourself, which is not good for your body, your energy levels, or your metabolism. Not to mention: Yuck.

Weight loss scams don't just target your diet. They also target your waistline (and your wallet) through crazy fitness claims. The Belly Burner is a waist-trimming belt that's supposed to help you lose weight by preserving body heat. They say if you're hot, you'll increase your weight loss through perspiration. You can't achieve sustainable weight loss by sitting on the couch wearing a belt. You won't. It's impossible!

If it was really this easy and you could lose weight by eating cookies or wearing a belt, no one would have any weight to lose. Unfortunately for those of us who do, we just have to keep on plugging away watching our calories, eating healthy, and exercising as often as we can.

Are you desperate enough to lose weight that you would try the cookie or baby food diet? What's the craziest diet you've heard of?


Image via lara604/Flickr

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