First Time Celebrity Dads: Happy Father's Day!

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eric dane rebecca gayheart
Fatherhood looks really good on Eric Dane.
Becoming a dad for the first time can be the most exciting, happy, thrilling, frightening, and scared times in a man's life. Throw in celebrity, and I'm sure that's magnified. But at least they don't have to hire people to take family photos -- they have the paparazzi and some magazines even pay them to take pictures. Sheesh!

Because it's my husband's very first Father's Day, it makes this day even more special. And it made me think about the other dads -- the famous and not-so-famous ones -- who are also venturing into fatherhood for the very first time, and celebrating their very first dad's day.

Eric Dane, father to Billie Beatrice, mother is Rebecca Gayheart.

Brady Smith, father to Harper Renn, mother is Tiffani Thiessen.

Iain Clayton, father to Li Jefferson, mother is Laura Ling.

Darren Le Gallo, father to Aviana Olea, mother is Amy Adams.

Mark McGrath, father to twins Lydon and Hartley, mother is Carin Kingsland.

Scott Disick, father to Mason Dash, mother is Kourtney Kardashian.

Hank Baskett, father to Hank Jr., mother is Kendra Wilkinson.

And my friends ...

Kevin, father to Juliette, mother is Lindsay.

Mike, father to Jillian, mother is Michelle.

Philipp, father to twins Oskar and Leo, mother is Micaela.

Dan, father to Riley, mother is Tracy.

And of course, my husband, Hans -- father to twins Hunter and Penelope.

Happy Father's Day!

Leave your happy Father's Day wishes below!


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Cafe Amy Cafe Amy

A dad's first Father's Day - just as a mom's first Mother's Day - is such a special day. Hope all the daddy's felt some love yesterday!

KamiB79 KamiB79

Happy father's day to all the great daddy's out there!

Chari... Charizma77

Happy Father's day to the "rookies", "pros" and every dad in between!

ethan... ethans_momma06

Hope their second is just as special as their first!

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