Multi-Use Baby Food Recipe: Three Cheese Sauce

three cheese sauce for babyI'm trying a new strategy with my veggie avoiding baby -- smother it with cheese. Hey, at least he'll get his daily dose of dairy.

I'm a firm believer that everything goes better with cheese, and hopefully this three cheese sauce recipe from Annabel Karmel will make him scarf down the cooked carrots with more enthusiasm.


Annabel Karmel uses the Parmesan, Gruyere and mascarpone cheese on pasta, which I'll also do rather than buying boxed mac and cheese for everyone. But I'm thinking if I make a few batches on Sunday I can make this cheese sauce last all week and mix and match what accompanies this easy, creamy goodness.

The boy won't know what hit him as he's downing his green beans.

How do you get your baby to eat his veggies?


Image via Maggie Hoffman/Flickr

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