Bethenny Frankel Less Angry Since Becoming a Mother

Bethenny Frankel and Kelly BensimonQuick-witted and sharp-tongued, we've also seen Bethenny Frankel's quick temper over years on The Real Housewives of New York City. But since baby Bryn entered her world, Frankel says she's less angry now.

"You love nothing more than this tiny little being that entered your life five weeks ago and the world stops," Frankel told People. "Nothing else matters ... and having drama and arguments really seem to fall to the wayside. It just seems like you can't hook in like you did. I just don't feel as angry as I was."


I wonder if that pertains to her feelings for Jill Zarin as well?

Frankel says motherhood has changed her in other ways as well, such as her ability to get places on time.

"I'm painfully punctual and with a child it's really not possible," she said. "There are things you have to do and people have to wait. The baby comes first and everyone else can suck it."

She also admits that breastfeeding is a challenge for her.

How has your baby changed your life?

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