Breast Milk Offer: Would You Feed Your Baby Someone Else's Milk?


breast milk frozen in bagsI belong to a local twins group and it's helpful for ideas on how other twin parents make things work and there are lots of free and inexpensive hand-me-downs to be had. The other day, one mom offered up her breast milk.

"A very good friend of mine has ended up pumping so much milk that it's too much for her. She'd love it to go to good use though. It's currently frozen in small plastic containers that are easily defrostable one at a time. It'll stay good for the next six months but after that will need to be tossed. Apparently because she's European breast milk donation agencies didn't want to take it because of hand, foot, and mouth disease."

I was okay with this offer until the last sentence.

I don't think I could ever feed my children someone else's breast milk, especially someone I don't know, based on their word alone that they are healthy.

Just like I wouldn't want a stranger to put their finger in my baby's mouth even if they told me it was clean.

Maybe I have trust issues?

Though I think it's a fantastic thing ... provided the woman is healthy.

I know Salma Hayek breastfed babies in Sierra Leone. And I certainly would breastfeed another baby if I had extra milk and the baby needed it. But extra breast milk doesn't exist when you have twins ... at least it doesn't for me. And I'm not even sure if I would let Salma breastfeed my twins without some sort of doctor's clearance.

No one responded to the breast milk offer. At least not publicly.

Would you let your baby drink another woman's breast milk?


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lovin... lovinangels

I would not, but I naturally produce enough milk for, like, 800 babies. I even considered donation myself, but decided against it because I drink coffee in the morning- not fair to give another momma a jittery baby, although it's never affected my little ladies. It would be rude and wasteful to accept something I don't need.

Phils... PhilsBabyMama

If my options were another woman's breast milk or formula I would DEFINITELY choose the breast milk.  I actually had an oversupply and pumped for my neighbor's son.  She knew me and trusted me.  She was just happy that her son could get some breast milk, even if she wasn't able to breastfeed him.

Julie... Julieryanevans

No, I just couldn't. I think it's a beautiful sentiment, but no.

Phils... PhilsBabyMama

Are Europeans more likely to have hand, foot and mouth disease?  I've never heard that before.

nonmember avatar SKL

I would if it weren't too costly.  My kids were in foster care for most of their 1st year (in a developing country), and I secretly hope the foster moms breastfed them, even though officially they were supposed to be buying formula with the money they were given.  I wish I could have breastfed them myself - but I'm not their biological mom either, so what is the difference?

nonmember avatar Kate

No, I don't think that I would ever be comfortable with that.

But kudos to the moms who are! In People about a year ago there was a baby who lost his mom & so different women volunteered to BF the baby b/c it had been so important to his mom.... so if it works for some people that's awesome! It just wouldn't work for my family!

scien... science_spot

I would only if she and/or the milk had been tested and accepted by a milk bank.

KatieP. KatieP.

When my first was born I had no milk at all, I did nurse him ALOT (even tho he had to have formula immediatly afterwards) and we finger fed him so he would take a breast for the first three months. My sisters baby was born at the same time and since he still took breast whenever she was around she would nurse him, (once we switched to bottle he would have nothing to do with it) But other then that I do not think I would. Definilty not from a stranger, Tho I have heard about milk banks so if it was tested and from there then yes.

maggi... maggiemom2000

I took donations of breastmilk for my adopted baby until I was able to bring in a milk supply for her. I got milk from my SIL and a friend.  I know them both and felt comfortable with it.  If it was good enough for their babies, wouldn't it be good enough for mine?

Funny how people have no trouble feeding their kids milk from a cow, but get all squeemish when it comes from another HUMAN...LOL!

tommy... tommygirl_jmg

NO i couldn't. sorry i just think it is gross.  sorry if i hurt someone that has done it. i wasn't trying 2.  maybe if it was a family member, i might be able to do it. but thats the only way.

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