Baby Toy Pick: Musical Hand Bells

musical hand bellsOne of my 15-month-old's favorite toys are these hand bells in eight tones. A step up from the shaker, he actually thinks he's making music when he grabs these and alternates between the notes.

Most of the time he has one in each hand (is this a little boy thing? I seem to see a lot of little boys who want something in each hand at all times) and shakes them both as hard as he can. But sometimes he does seem to be appreciating the music like when he tilts his head and lightly jingles the purple one for several beats.


These bells can also be used to teach musical instruction once your baby is able to sit and learn. When is that? Like, 15?

If you can handle the noise level that comes with your baby being the cutest little town cryer, these bells will provide hours of musical entertainment.

Musical Hands Bells ($20.95) -- Amazon


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