Handling Tantrums Without Losing Your Mind

My son pre-meltdown
My 16-month-old son is a beam of sunshine and as sweet as they come. He's also smart and funny and adorable. You'd believe me, I promise, if he wasn't currently flailing on the ground because I made him take that power cord out of his mouth.

See, we've officially reached the stage where he can melt into a screaming puddle if he doesn't get his way, and since his way is usually dangerous and/or ridiculous, he has tantrums kind of a lot.


Now, he's easy to distract in the middle of these screamfests, so they don't usually last long. I can wave a brightly colored shoe by his face and he'd forget what he's screaming over, so it's not that I can't manage them, but I want to handle them in the best way possible so he knows his behavior is 1) not cool and 2) not without consequences.

I know he's young and still a baby in many ways, but he's also very smart and he knows the basic house rules and also when he's doing something wrong. (There's a reason he looks at me nine million times to make sure I'm distracted before putting that power cord in his mouth in the first place.)

I want to keep regular tantrums from morphing into a Real Issue.  

So, tell me, how did you handle your baby's very first tantrums?

Image via Jennie Canzoneri

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