Entertaining Baby: A Working Mom's (Pseudo) Lament

Baby With ToysI'm starting to wonder whether my baby has an exceptionally short attention span.

Kavya's just hit the 4-month mark, and while before she was an adorable but mostly sleepy-headed little blob, now she's wide awake -- and demanding to be entertained.

She bats at the small stuffed animals on her bouncer for about three minutes before she gets completely bored and wants mommy's total, undivided attention.

All of which is making this work-at-home mama a bit overwhelmed. My professor husband, who's off for the summer, and I spend a large part of our day playing with Kavi, singing songs, dancing, reading books, and chatting. But sometimes we need a little break. Which is where I was hoping the toys would come in.


Alas, perhaps she's just too young? Recently, I decided to try introducing her to rattles, which, as it turns out, wasn't such a hot idea. She likes the rattle well enough, but the thing is, she's at that stage where she tries to get everything into her mouth. That would be fine, except her coordination isn't quite there yet, so she aims for her mouth but ends up whacking herself in the face. Ouch.

So we took those away. Now we're experimenting with a few soft toys, which were gifted to her by pals with kids, stackers and blocks, and all that jazz. The only thing with those is that Kavi might be a bit too young for them. She doesn't know quite what to do with them just yet.

Luckily, she's finally starting to get the hang of the playmat we've had sitting around for three months. She's learned to pull the little loop that kicks off the music, and she grabs and punches at the toys that float above her head. But she tires of the playmat quickly, too.

So I guess what she really needs is quality time with mommy and daddy, because I have to admit, we do have a bit of a chatterbox on our hands here. And while it might be a bit rough when mommy's on a deadline, I really wouldn't have it any other way.

How do you entertain your baby? 

Image via LelandsMommy/CafeMom

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