New Baby Bath Seat Rules Are No Substitute for Parents' Vigilance

Baby BathBaby bath seats are going to get an upgrade when it comes to safety due to new mandatory regulations by The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

Under the new rules all seats must include the following changes:

  • Stricter stability requirements to prevent the bath seat from tipping over
  • Tighter leg opening requirements to prevent children from slipping through the leg openings
  • A larger permanent warning label alerting parents and caregivers that bath seats are not safety devices and that infants should never be left unattended in a bath seat.

The new requirements will go into effect in about six months, and all bath seats made after that time will have to adhere to them.

While improving the safely of the seats' design is great, hopefully parents won't take it as a cue that it's now safer to leave their child alone in the bath. EVER. 

According t the CPSC, between 1983 -2009 174 children died in incidents involving bath seats. More than 300 were injured. Most of the incidents involved parents leaving their children unattended.

So you can do all you want to make the seat itself safer, but what really needs an overhaul is parents' awareness of the danger and their willingness to ignore other distractions and stay with their baby the ENTIRE time she is in the water.

Do you think the new standards for infant bath seats will be helpful?

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