How to Help a Choking Baby

how to help a choking babyImmediately after my daughter was born my husband and I signed up for a baby CPR class. That was four years ago and most instructors advise that you take a refresher course every two years.

Since my baby is eating solids, and as of yet there are no choking hazard labels happening, we really need to take that course. Between moving and working and all of life's craziness, it just hasn't happened.

In the meantime, my hope is if the unthinkable happens we can call upon what we've learned, and that we have Internet access.

The wikiHow got me through a Thanksgiving dinner and a weird rash on my dog, and it also has great visual instructions on how to help a choking baby.


The first instruction is to to let a baby cough. If they're coughing, they're breathing and trying to dislodge whatever is blocking. If your baby can't breath, you will see the following signs:

  • Being unable to talk or vocalize
  • Can't breathe without difficulty
  • Breathing is noisy
  • Cannot cough effectively
  • Changes in skin color: blue lips and fingernails
  • Unconsciousness - If the child does not respond to any stimulation (such as flicking the feet with your fingertips), call emergency services immediately (if you can get someone else to call while you administer first aid, that's even better).

While my impulse would be to immediately call 911, the recommendation is to not waste time on the phone but to start CPR immediately if your baby displays any of these signs.

I'm reviewing the steps right now, but also bookmarking this wiki just in case. They also have a wiki on how to help a choking victim for children over the age of one. As your baby grows you'll need to learn the different methods.

I'm looking for a baby and child CPR course as soon as I finish this post, but I'm really glad to know with the click of the mouse I can get some instant instruction that could save my baby's life.

Have you taken a baby CPR class?

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