Tiffani Thiessen Has a Baby & Check Out This Nursery

Ready for Father's Day! My husband and son
Tiffani Thiessen had a baby girl and how to stop those babies from sinking their teeth into people! Here are the baby links I love right now ...

  • Tiffani Thiessen had a baby girl, and she named her Harper Renn. How perfect is that name?
  • I love this simple and bright nursery seen on Lifeflix (found via Little Lovely). I especially like to see when blue is incorporated into little girls' nurseries.
  • This article about the Dos and Don'ts to End Hitting and Biting couldn't be more timely as my son bit another kid in his class today for the first time. I was mortified! And I read this article on Breezy Mama twice.
  • Father's Day is this weekend, and here are some lovely suggestions from LilSugar for involving your kids in this all-about-dads holiday.

Those are my favorite links of the moment. Which are yours?

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