The Breastfeeding at Colorado Rockies Game Colossal Misunderstanding

breastfeeding motherJust when a breastfeeding in public story is out of the news, something happens and it's in the news again. Sandra Snow, a mom who was at a Colorado Rockies game when it was time for her baby to eat, left her crowded row in the stands and went to one behind her that didn't have people in it to nurse in a more private setting.

She was covered up.

Soon after, members of the Coors Field staff came to tell her to stop. And then they suggested she go to the bathroom.

Naturally I was outraged. I thought she and her baby deserved to get lifetime tickets to Colorado Rockies games, in box seats, of course. And I felt the ushers who told her to breastfeed in the stinky toilet should be fired.

But there was a lot more to this story ....


The row Snow moved to was closed and the ushers were asking her to come down from that section, supposedly clueless to the fact she was breastfeeding.

They did suggest for her to go to the bathroom, but it probably was because she said she didn't want to nurse in the rows that had people in them. But still, if that was me, I would have been angry and probably would have cursed out the ushers, even though I was wrong to sit in an area that no one was supposed to be sitting in. I'm feisty like that.

We're on triggers. And the words bathroom and breastfeeding used together are a trigger. It tells us breastfeeders that what we're doing should be hid, like taking a poop.

And it's not like I want the world to see me breastfeeding or that I am showing off, like some people seem to think. (Obviously people who do not breastfeed and have some sort of weird thing with breasts.) In fact, I don't want anyone to look at me. Just like I don't like anyone to stare at me when I'm eating. Or even gawk at me when I'm simply sitting. Staring is rude.

I breastfeed as discretely and privately as possible. Because, you know, god forbid someone sees part of my breast.

Part of me feels bad for Sandra Snow. A lot has been made of this. Even though it was a big misunderstanding, Sandra displayed how it is challenging for any new mom to nurse her baby in public ... because we can't always control where we are when it's time for baby to eat. And I don't think we should have to shack up in our houses and never come out.

What do you think of this story?


Image via MJTR ('*w*)/Flickr

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