Father's Day Edition: Baby Links I Love

dad and babyIn honor of our baby's daddies, I've found some fantastic baby links that dads will love too. Here are the links I love, Dad's Day Edition:

  • Mom Trends has tips on baby's first outing with dad that go beyond the right gear (although that's in there too) and gets to the heart of the matter -- dads are just as important to baby as moms.
  • The Family Man blog has a very touching post about role models, fatherhood, and John Wooden. My husband also grew up in LA and was a big fan of Coach John Wooden, who recently passed away but left a legacy of strength and morality we haven't seen in sports in a long time.
  • I love Think Geek, and they have the ultimate gift guide for Father's Day if dad has even the slightest bit of geek in him. I'm thinking either Grow Your Own Beer Garden or Zippo Spy Cam.
  • When dads go high chair shopping: DaddyTypes shows us expensive and bizarro options for baby's first meal.
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