10 Baby Sleep Myths

sleeping babyBaby sleep advice on the web and within your family is certainly plentiful, but sometimes inaccurate. All babies are different -- my daughter and son are like night and day when it comes to sleep patterns -- but there are some truths about sleep and the tiniest ones.

In digging up some information about the best thing to do with my so-so sleeper, I came across this list of the top 10 baby sleep myths.


A theme runs through these myths and truths that basically says we teach our babies how to act, even when it comes to sleeping. Here are the first three:

Myth #1: My baby wakes up because of gas. The most common reason older babies wake up and stay up is that they lack the self-calming tools necessary to manage night awakenings.

Myth #2: My baby wakes up because he's hungry. Like adults, babies eat for reasons other than hunger. A baby will nurse because it's the only way he knows how to get back to sleep.

Myth #3: My baby is a poor sleeper. We inadvertently train our babies to be poor sleepers by not equipping them with the skills they need to fall asleep.

Also disconcerting, myth #10:

Myth #10: There's no harm in getting up with my baby as long as I'm willing to do it. If you enable unhealthy sleep habits, you run the risk of your child developing long-standing sleep problems that will persist into the preschool years.

Argh. It's so much easier to get up and quiet my boy than to listen to him cry at the top of his very strong lungs for any amount of time. But I really can't take another 15 months of nightly sleep interruption, so it sounds like it's time for sleep training.

Did you sleep train your baby?

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