3 Best Bath Accessories for Baby

the fo by boonBath time is hands-down my favorite time of day. There is something about the water, the bubbles, and the clean, fresh, soapy smell that is therapeutic for both baby Rowan and me.

Just when I think bath time can't get any better, I seem to stumble upon more baby bath accessories I love. My newest bath time addition? The Flō ($14.99) made by Boon.


Once Rowan became old enough to sit up in the tub, I started to worry about him getting too close to the water spout, which unfortunately is right at his head level. The Flō is a handy little device that diverts water, creating a gentle waterfall while providing a protective faucet cover to help guard against injury. Even better -- the Flō also functions as a bubble bath dispenser. If that's not enough, Boon donates 10 percent of profits to charities specifically benefiting children in need! Nice!

tempguard froggyNow you've got your baby in the bathtub, bubbles abound, the water is gently flowing and the big mean spout is protected. What else could you need? The TempGuard Froggy ($2.99) from Safety 1st makes a fun bath friend who will tell you if the water is too hot. I know it's not too hard to monitor water temps with one baby in the tub, but when his older brother is hopping around the bathroom with his shirt stuck over his head, it can come in handy.

bath toy organizer

After the kids are clean and ready for bed, you want to clean up the bathroom quickly. That's where the Tubby Bath Toy Organizer ($20) from Skip Hop comes in. The Tubby is made of soft and stretchy wetsuit material that dries quickly. It's roomy, machine-washable, and stays put courtesy of four suction cups, which secure the bag on tile or glass. You can find products like these around, but Tubby is the best one I've found AND it's BPA- and phthalate-free.

I just love it when a good thing gets even better.

What is your favorite baby bath accessory?


Images (top to bottom): booninc.com; safety1st.com; skiphop.com  

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