Losing Baby Weight: 3 Yoga Moves for Mom and Baby

Boat Pose
There are days when taking care of a baby (or two or three!) feels like a work out. On those days, losing baby weight is not your top priority.

If you feel like winding down, yoga for moms and babies might be just what you need.

Many yoga moves can be done easily in your living room. Of course, check with your doctor and make sure you are cleared for exercise before you try working out after having your baby.

Here are some mom and baby yoga moves that don't require you to be a yogi to learn them:  


Boat Pose: Begin seated with you knees bent and your feet flat on the ground. Have your baby straddle your hips. Lift up the chest, then pick the feet up. Either hold on to your passenger or extend your arms out in front of you in-line with your shoulders. Inhale and exhale 5 to 8 times.

Downward Dog
Downward Dog: Lie the baby on the ground in front of you. Begin on your hands and knees with spread fingers. Curl your toes under, exhale and push your hips toward the sky into an inverted V. Gently push your heels toward the floor and look back toward your knees. The best thing about this: At any time when you feel your hamstrings burning, you can look down and smile at your baby. 

Cobra Pose
Cobra Pose: With your baby in front of you, lie flat on your stomach with your palms besides your shoulders. Hold your feet together while pointing toes, push your head and chest gently off the ground while lifting your head up fully. Inhale while pushing up and exhale on the way back.

It's amazing what a few deep breaths can do for a mom!

Have you tried any mom and baby yoga poses? Which one are you most likely to try?


Images (top to bottom): huffingtonpost.comjuliannerice.com; karmakidsyoga.com

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