Smoking While Breastfeeding Means Baby Smokes Too

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While it should be a given that smoking during breastfeeding is a bad thing, a new study is out to put the issue to rest.

According to the German Cancer Research Centre, a mother who smokes heavily passes nicotine and other harmful toxins to the baby in such large amounts, it's the equivalent of your baby smoking one cigarette per day.

Nicotine and other harmful toxins are passed through the mother's breast milk to the baby causing delays in development, underweight babies, restlessness, and even vomiting.


The study also says nicotine can wind up in breastfed babies if the mother doesn't smoke, but lives with a smoker.

While one would think a breastfeeding mother would have the best interests of the baby at heart, if she's smoking cigarettes, she's causing severe harm by giving a direct feed of nicotine to her baby.

Additionally, smoking leads to a decrease in milk supply and bad breastfeeding habits. Which is a good thing, in this case.

There really is no better time to stop smoking than when you're bringing a baby into your home. If you need help quitting, there are several organizations that can help. Here are a few:



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