World Cup Wear for Babies

Julie Ryan Evans

World Cup 2010 LogoWorld Cup fever is running high everywhere, so why not get your baby in on the game? Here are some cute soccer-inspired items for babies to kick up their wardrobe a notch.




baby soccer shoes

Soccer Shoes Start your future soccer star out on the right foot with these adorable soft shoes from Momo. ($16.99)

baby soccer bibs

Country Love No matter which country you're rooting for, there's a baby bib with that team's national emblem  to boast your baby's support. ($5.99)

baby soccer onesie


Soccer for World Peace I love this onesie that illustrates the sentiment that soccer plus the world equals world peace. I don't know if the game can quite achieve that feat, but the spirit it brings is incredibly inspiring. ($22)

baby soccer hat 

Heads Up This crisp white hat emblazoned with a soccer ball fits the smallest infant and stretches to fit children up to 18 months so their soccer love can grow and grow. ($18)


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