Nursery Tour: Holly From Indie Home Ec

Photo from Holly Mix
Holly fom Indie Home Ec is one of my favorite (and most talented!) bloggers, and she recently welcomed her first son, Rhys Owen, to the world. Her nursery is -- hands down -- one of the best I've seen, and I dare you not to be inspired by it.

I asked Holly a few questions about Rhys' nursery (who she adorably calls Bean), and she was kind enough to provide some great answers.


1. What stores/sites were main sources of inspirations to you while planning your nursery?

I visited OhDeeDoh pretty much daily while we were working on the nursery. I also got a lot of inspiration from Dwell's baby lines (for Target as well as the pricier Dwell Studio stuff). Also, my husband is a bit of a record collector, so I knew we'd want to incorporate some of his (and my!) vintage Disney records into the room design. We had a few bits and pieces from our own childhoods ... the records and a few toys ... that served as inspiration pieces for the vintage/modern look we were going for. Above all, we wanted to incorporate things that we love! We're both "music people" so the records as well as two framed 7 inches put out by my husband's indie label are key pieces for us. We're also hoping to foster a love of space and/or dinosaurs in the Bean, so there are space and dinosaur details stashed around the room.

Photo from Holly Mix

2. What's a great product/item you were glad to find?

I love how the toddler silhouettes of my husband and I came out.  I knew my parents had one of me but was thrilled to find out my mother-in-law also had one of my husband in his baby book. We scanned, printed, and framed them together. The whole project cost about $10 and took under half an hour. The frames I used for the Disney records were purchased from Hobby Frames and were a great find in that they're white, but also that they're lightweight wood and Plexiglas (safer in an earthquake than the typical craft store variety metal and glass frames would be; a major consideration for us in LA!).

silhouette frames nursery
Photo from Holly Mix

3. Anything you splurged on?

We splurged on new carpeting and new plantation shutters for the room, both 100 percent worth their crazy price tags. The carpet that was in the room was original to our condo, so almost thirty years old. It was time! The shutters are great because they shut out the view of our neighbor's a/c unit and satellite dish. They're also baby safe since they open and close without cords or dangling fabric and I think they really brighten up the room. The crib and changing table were splurges, but were purchased as gifts by my parents and by my husband's mom respectively. Everything else in the room we owned already and just spruced up for the baby: The slip-covered chair and ottoman were mine from my last apartment, the orange side table was also mine from my last apartment (we painted it), the book case was made for me by my dad and my grandpa when I was a toddler (we covered the back panel with vintage wallpaper bought on eBay), even the little green basket by the chair was an old one of mine (we spray painted it).

Photo from Holly Mix
4. Anything you'd do differently?

We decorated the wall above his crib with paper airplane decals and while we love the pattern, the scale is a little off.  If I had it to do over, I'd still do decals, but pick something bigger with more impact. Everyone who has seen the room loves the white paper Ikea lamp, but I'm thinking it won't last long once the Bean starts crawling. I wish we'd been able to find something we liked that was a bit more substantial. 

5. What's one thing you insisted on with the nursery?

I absolutely wanted to incorporate handmade elements. I made a few toys for him (the ball on the orange side table and the fabric blocks on the bookcase) and we were so lucky to get a slew of fantastic handmade gifts at our shower: the owl pillow and embroidery were made by my brother-in-law's girlfriend, and we have handmade blankets over the arm of the chair and in a basket under his toy shelves that were made by my husband's cousin, aunt, and a few good friends of ours.

nursery bookcase
Photo from Holly Mix

6. What turned out exactly as you hoped it would?

We took a bunch of risks in this room color wise. We're fairly safe with color throughout the rest of the condo ... partly because I'm a wuss and partly because it would take an act of congress to convince my husband of the merits of anything that isn't gray, black, or white! We used a lot of white to anchor the room but I'm really proud (and relieved!) that our wall color choice (Geyser by Valspar) worked out so well and that our colorful accents (the orange side table, green basket, colorful artwork, and toys) look so great up against the walls. And, of course, I think Bean's disco ball just plain rules!

Thank you, Holly! What a beautiful room.

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