Paternity Leave & Plumbers: Links I Love

April Peveteaux

baby girl
Photo by AshBayGrammy
I must be feeling political this week, because I'm loving these babies and gender role links!

  • As if the Swedish parenting scene could get any better: Modern design, lots of baby wearing, and 13 months paid paternity leave. That's with a "p," dads. Don't you wish you could have stayed home with your baby for that long -- moms or dads?
  • Mom 101 has a moment in the diaper aisle: Does it make me less of a feminist to adhere to gender stereotypes when buying ... something my daughter will pee on?
  • A history of baby books exhibit! Which reminds me, I'm overdue on filling out my son's accomplishments. Poor second children, their baby books are always so much thinner.
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