The Best Ways to Blow Bubbles

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Babies love bubbles. Even the tiniest infants appear mesmerized by the floating, barely-there circles that dangle for seconds before disappearing with a tiny, wet pop.

Nothing beats bubbles on a hot summer day, at the beach or in a hammock in your backyard. And babies seem to find them soothing. Pulling them out in the midst of a meltdown can work serious magic.

 While the classic plastic wand in the jar is nice, here are some other ways to change up your bubble blowing experience


Amazon; $9.99
Night-Time Bubbles
Check out this Motorized Bubble Light. It's fan-powered, so you don't have to do the huffing and puffing. And just by clicking a switch you can turn on the light feature to blow bubbles in the dark. Fun!

Colored Bubbles Red, blue, green, any shade you can imagine you can blow into a bubble with Zubbles. My first thought after "cool!" was of stained clothing and carpet, but fear not, these bubbles Zubbles Colored Bubbles
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don't stain. According the Zubbles website, "using a new class of patent pending specialty dyes developed by C2C Technologies, the color in Zubbles magically disappears when exposed to air, water or pressure." How cool is that?

Octopus Bubbles; $12.99

Octopus Bubbles First, I must say that I think bubble machines are among the greatest toy inventions of the past couple years. They have saved the breath of many a parent, and the sheer number of  bubbles they produce is just so fun. I love this Octopus version, and I think babies will too.

Homemade Bubbles  If you want a total hands-on experience, you can make the bubbles yourself. offers a great recipe for homemade bubbles that only involves dish soap, water and corn syrup.

What are your favorite ways to blow bubbles?

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