3 Fabric Toys My Babies Freak Out For

organic fabric baby toy
Penelope's favorite fabric toy
I have received a lot of toys for my 6-month-old twins. There are some that they aren't quite yet ready to play with (too young), some I got rid of because what they were made with was questionable (too toxic), and a select few that my babies actually love (just right).

You know the toy that if you lost you would have to replace? It's like the toy equivalent of my wedding ring. Or my favorite jeans.

All their favorites are made of fabric.




fabric block baby toy
Hunter loves his blocks

miYim Organic Knit Rattle Elephant ($11.99) and Bunny ($11.99) from What Every Baby Needs was gifted to us from my friend, Dana, after I wrote about how cute they were. It fits perfectly in Pippi's little hand and it makes her giggle like crazy when I make the elephant (or bunny) kiss her. It's also the toy that she tries to crawl for. She's not crawling yet, but when she sees it farther on the play mat, she tries hard to get to it.

The fabric blocks Hunter is playing with were gifts from my in-laws in Alabama, so I'm not sure where they came from. But if you're even just a little bit crafty, you can make them. Use fabric from the onesies that no longer fit your baby. Check out this how-to for more directions.

Haba's Discoverer's Meadow Fabric Ball ($17.99) from My Toy Box is soft and has crinkly and ringing little critters that my son loves to squeeze in his hands. Haba sent me this and Hunter gets excited when it gets in his little hands.

Haba fabric ball

Super-fun fabric ball

Does your baby have a favorite toy?

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