Baby Boogers: 4 Ways To Get Rid of Them


nosefridaWe're all stuffed up in my house. Well, not my husband, but me and my little twosome. I've got a cold and the twins seem fine -- no fevers, no out-of-the ordinary actions -- but they have a little congestion and some boogers.

While trying to keep grandma's fingers out of their noses -- she seems to take delight in removing the crusty ones -- I found some solutions to clear up my babies' stuffiness.

1. Take baby into the bathroom after someone took a hot shower. The steam will help clear up their little buttons.

2. Try a humidifier in the baby's room. This will keep the air flowing and possibly alleviate too much snot. 

3. Have baby smell spices. Cumin and onions seem to clear up my nose every time. I don't like the smell of onions, but hey, it's a natural remedy and this I like. Obviously don't let any powders go up baby's nose. 

4. Get a Nosefrida. My friend Freyja likes "The Snot Sucker" for her son. It reduces mucus and helps baby breathe easier again.

What do you do when baby has a little cold?


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madfoot madfoot

People freak out when they see me use the nosefrida, but it's important to say: the boogers don't go in your mouth! there's a filter -- and this thing really works beter than that useless little bulb! It is the greatest!

jeann... jeannesager

Saline nasal spray. We try to do the neti pot now that she's older, but I had just plain saline for her as a baby that helped a lot. She hated it, but it worked!

Hello... HelloKittyCrazy

Boogie Wipes yes they are actually called that. My DS hates for you to wipe his nose unless it is with these. They are super spoft and soaked in saline so it get rid ofthe crusties quick. But heres the kicker thaty are grape scented. MY DS loves them. 

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