Breastfeeding in Public and Turning Off Your Husband: Best Reader Comments

baby in sling
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So many comments in baby news this week! It might just be a record-breaker.

Here are the best of the bunch:


I asked if you would put a microchip in your baby that tracks her if she (god forbid) goes missing. Most of you said, no, but Cafe Chastity had a different vibe:

Call me creepy but I would do it! Maybe it's cause of the constant panic I get while taking the kids out to a busy NYC venue. I love to frequent flea markets, festivals and the public parks, museums, etc. Growing up in the city I always felt this sense of rush and crowdedness. Once I had my kids  it turned into panic and fear. I would totally chip them until they were teens.

Sona got more opinions than she bargained for when she asked if her baby should start solids. Cafe Suzanne wrapped it up:

Trust your instincts. You're with her every day and you know what she's like and what she's ready for better than anyone. The research and varying moms' opinions will make you crazy.

It was almost too easy to ask you what you thought about Rabbi Shmuley Boteach's declaration that breastfeeding moms ruin marriages. Luckily ethans_momma06 also had a sense of humor about the whole thing:

I can't say anything to him- I'm laughing to hard.

It's very amazing that the human race (and relationships) have thrived so well considering the fact that for them majority of the span of time- Women have been breastfeeding. Talk about a modern misconception to deal with an age old issue...

I expressed my Dr. Sears frustration about his baby sleep advice (among other things). So many great comments between madfoot's freeing moment and Paulina's observation, but jessie23610 gave me some perspective:

Almost everyones approach to parenting is take what you like throw the rest away. Every piece of info that I read and every technique that I have ever learned about parenting i take and form to meet my specific needs. You shouldn't get upset because you don't agree with a few things he (Dr. Sears) says. I only use about half the stuff he writes about. He's a man hun! I don't care if he's a doctor he hasn't been there like we have. Treat his "advice" the same way you would treat your mother in laws advice. If you like it use it. If you don't smile and nod and forget every word.

 Michele asks if you would spend $100 on a pair of designer shoes for your baby girl. LokisMama tells us in what scenario that would happen:

If I had more money than sense, sure.  They're cute, but I'm not gonna spend 100 bucks on something that's only gonna get worn half a dozen times.

Michele's guide via CafeMom, aimleegirl on how to deal if you can't handle seeing women breastfeed in public got so many comments it was impossible to pick just one. But I did anyway. RanaAurora expanded on the "Love It!" theme:

This was awesome. :)  I love smiling at nursing moms and sometimes give them thumbs up.

Oh and remember, if your husband or your children happen to see it... it's a perfect opportunity to actually explain what breasts are for (and if your husband doesn't know already, he's got serious issues).

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