3 Most Fashionable Statements For Baby

Babylegs.com; $12.00
The first time I saw a baby in a pair of BabyLegs I had to fight the overwhelming urge to squeeze that baby, brought on by sheer cuteness. But since it wasn't my baby, I restrained myself.

Instead I went out and got a couple of cute pairs of the leg warmers for my own little one.

Turns out there are lots of cute and fun clothing options out there for babies and they don't break the bank either! Here are three of my baby fashion favorites:



BabyLegs Leg Warmers:  These adorable pint sized leg warmers protect knees from hard surfaces, keep legs warm in strollers, and makes diaper changing and potty training easier. BabyLegs. Even as babies, little ones have their own unique personalities so why not let them shine? There are hundreds of colorful designs to choose from and with that one simple wardrobe addition, they can even spice up an old hand me down dress or make a plain old onesie look unforgettable.

Trumpette.com; $26.00

Trumpette Baby Socks That Rock: Hot on the heels of the sweet baby socks that look like Mary Jane shoes, come socks that rock -- socks that look like neon high top tennis shoes. They even have laces! Your baby is going to wear socks anyway, right? Why not do it up in style?


Huggies Jean Diapers: I think this idea is brilliant! Huggies are my favorite of the diaper brands and I buy them anyway, so I am thrilled that they have come out with a jean diaper in time for summer. Your baby can be cool and comfortable running around in the backyard or at the family barbecue in nothing but a diaper, or even better, a tee or a tank and no pants. (I so love that look!)

What is your favorite baby accessory?

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