Would You Microchip Your Baby?

microchip your child
Flickr photo by BotheredByBees
As soon as you hear your newborn's first cry, that intense feeling of love is quickly followed by a fierce protective panic as you realize you would die if anything happened to this tiny, perfect baby

Jennifer Lubell asks the question over at Betty Confidential: If given the option, would you microchip your child? While my initial reaction was, "No way!" by the time I finished her piece, I wasn't so sure.


Granted, the technology isn't available today to put a permanent tracking device inside of people, but it's certainly not unthinkable that this will be an option in the future.

As experts tell us not to worry about child abduction, it's still every parent's worst nightmare. Knowing you could track your child, whether they wander off at Disneyland or, god forbid, are taken by someone, is a peace of mind I would certainly be grateful for when I go to those dark places in my imagination.

Our hospital immediately snapped the baby lo-jack around my son's ankle, so an alarm would go off if he was taken outside the perimeter (wherever that was, I was never quite sure). The microchip would be an extra step to make sure no one is snatching babies once you leave the maternity ward.

While that seems perfectly reasonable, it doesn't mean there isn't something very icky about putting a chip inside my child based on my own, possibly unrealistic, fears.

Lubell's final statement is yes, she would microchip her child and give her child the option to remove the chip as a teenager in order to give her son the freedom every young adult needs.

Would you microchip your baby if you could?

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