3 Baby Food Cookbooks for the Healthy-Minded Mama

organically raised cookbookI keep saying I am going to make my own baby food when the time comes for my twins to eat. But I always follow it up with, Well, if I have time.

If you are like me and very worried about the toxins and pesticides and HFCS and the other things in certain jar foods that no one can pronounce, you want to make your own purees with only the freshest organic ingredients.

So I am going to stop that follow-up right now. I don't have time for a lot of things, but it's all about making the time, right? I mean, if I can find the time to polish all 10 of my toes, I can certainly make time to cook for my two munchkins. (Though my toes have been severely neglected.)

Here are some of my favorite cookbooks that will help you make healthy food choices for your little one.


1. Organically Raised: Conscious Cooking for Babies and Toddlers by Anni Daulter. Gwyneth Paltrow, Christy Turlington, Ricki Lake, and Gwen Stefani love this book, and so do I. It's all about cooking with love, and that not only means being in a great mood when cooking, but also using the best ingredients out there to benefit your baby's health. It really made me feel like I can do it -- that cooking for baby doesn't have to be hard. And I want to eat everything I see in it myself.


annabel karmel cookbook2. Top 100 Baby Purees by Annabel Karmel. I met Annabel a few years ago when I interviewed her about one of her books and I loved her. She's magnetic and personable, and she knows her food. The only thing that made her more excited than talking about making food with the best ingredients was talking about her kids. She cooks for her children, and ours.



organic baby cookbook3. Organic Baby & Toddler Cookbook by Lizzie Vann. This is one of my friends Lindsay's favorites and she's an eco-minded mama, so it must be great. Vann founded Organix, a British organic food line for babies. The recipes aren't all expected, so if you want to introduce your baby to different kinds of foods, this book is for you. 

What is your favorite baby cookbook?


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