Albondigas Soup: My Baby's New Favorite Meal

albondigas soup for baby
Flickr photo by Ron Diggity
My son's day care serves freshly cooked meals and we've been over the moon with the variety he's been getting in his diet.

When my husband picked him up this week, they told us how much he loves albondigas, or meatballs, and that they make a traditional Mexican soup that he's lapping up.

(Hilariously, my husband misunderstood and thought they said they had nicknamed him "albondigas" because of this love of meatballs, and we spent an evening calling our baby "meatball.")


I asked them for the recipe when I dropped off my meatball the next day and was given some hasty instructions on the soup. I later found an albondigas recipe on epicurious, and while it looks a little labor intensive, I'm trying it out this weekend to see if I can continue to get vegetables into my baby alongside his beloved albondigas.

I'll most likely buy frozen corn to decrease some of the time spent on this soup, and depending on my motivation and time, buy frozen organic meatballs instead of making them. Although I do enjoy a fresh meatball (as does my boy, obviously).

This recipe says to choose two vegetables so I'm planning on using carrots and zucchini, since they are both easy to find and delicious. Substituting winter squash will be another great option to switch it up in case my boy gets bored with his new favorite dish.

We'll see if my baby loves his mother's albondigas as much as his caretaker's!

What's your baby's favorite food?

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