Green Toys Stacker Safe & Fun for Baby

Green Toys has just added a My First Toys line for the tiniest babies, and I got my hands on the stacker. See how cute babies are when they play with this recycled, chemical-free toy?


As long as my baby is still in the putting everything in his mouth stage (when does that end, exactly?), knowing his brightly colored plastic toys are non-toxic is an absolute must.

In addition to drooling on the stackers, he's also figured out you can reverse stack these diverse sphere'ish objects. Between that and the "hat game" my husband plays with him, we're getting a lot of mileage out of this already recycled toy.

Also made in California (USA! USA!) the environmental impact of shipping this toy is low. It's just an all-around feel-good present for your next baby shower or first birthday party.

Green Toys Stacker ($13.99)


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