Breast Is Best for Baby ... but Not Your Husband?

breastfeeding mother
Flickr photo by Daquella manera
Breastfeeding mothers may be to blame for a loveless marriage, says Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, host of TLC's Shalom in the Home.

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach is about to feel the wrath of The Stir audience, I can feel it.

The rabbi explains in his essay on beliefnet, "Moms, Don't Forget to Feed Your Marriages," that women obsessed with breastfeeding are putting their baby before their husbands, are turning their bodies into something utilitarian, not sexy, and ruining marriages.

Boteach also points out that an unhappy marriage is much less healthy for a baby than a bottle of formula.


I've always found Rabbi Shmuley Boteach to be a level-headed relationship advisor, and I'm totally with him about how you must take care of your marriage as much as your children, but I do believe blaming the boob is wildly off-base.

I do think when mothers (and sometimes fathers) put their children first all the time, it can hurt a partnership. I also believe creating a happy home is paramount to creating healthy children. But I know women who breastfeed and women who don't, and neither group seems to have the leg up on satisfied partners.

More from the rabbi: Don't co-sleep, and men, don't look down there when the baby comes out -- both will ruin your sex life.

What do you have to say to Rabbi Shmuley?

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