A Tie for Father's Day Is a Bad Gift Unless ...

father son ties
Photo from My Favorite Pal
Ties are lame gifts for Father's Day. Sorry, they just are. Unless it's a super-cool tie like one worn by Johnny Cash or one with tiny, subtle skulls embroidered onto a plaid.

Maybe I'm alone there.

But matching father and son ties are not lame. Because ties on baby boys are the cutest and daddy getting to match his little man is a mom's greatest photo op.


My Favorite Pal sells them. Online only.

Son ties are $12.99 and, yes, there are sizes for newborns! They even sell a dress shirt bodysuit -- a onesie -- for $17.99 so your little man can complete the look. Only in white though. Darn!

Dad ties are $15.99.

If you order by June 14, you can have them in time for Dad's day.

What do you think of matching father and son ties?

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