‘Every Day Dad’: A Great Gift for a New Dad

Every Day Dad
Amazon; $19.99
Father's Day is just around the corner, and while men are notoriously averse to asking for directions, when it comes to child rearing, they tend to like some advice.

Every Day Dad: The Guide to Becoming a Better Father would make a great book for any father, especially a new one who may still be getting used to the whole daddy thing.


Author Scott Hammond offers fathers advice on how to "overcome the challenges of life, joyfully engage with their families, and build a positive, lasting legacy."

It's a great way for dads to look beyond their current diaper duty and think about the role they want to play in their children's lives.

The book gets a ringing endorsement from Karen Simmons, CEO and founder of Autism Today.

"It's about time! What a wonderful concept and hats off to you, Scott Hammond, for bringing the extremely important, long overdue issue of fatherhood to the forefront. With shifting roles, two working parents, and changes in the world at warp-speed, we need fathers more than ever to help the women in the world with our shared bundles of joy. To enjoy the laughter, joys, tears, and milestones, there couldn't be a more important role for the men of this day and age and for the children of tomorrow!"

Hear, hear!

Does this sound like a book a dad in your life would like?

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