Petit Lem: Environmentally Friendly Baby Clothes

Bamboo baby clothes
Zulily; $34.99
Petit Lem, I like saying the name almost as much as I like their baby clothes.

This line of environmentally friendly clothing is about as soft and adorable as you can get. The simple styles and comfortable cuts are exactly what I want in baby clothes.


I'm especially partial to some of the styles made from bamboo, a great material for babies since it's hypoallergenic, durable, and quick drying.

And until June 10, the Petit Lem Bamboo line is now on sale at Zulily. Body suits start at $9.99, and there are blankets, sleepers, and outfits all up for grabs.

Plus, unlike some lines I fall in love with that end after the toddler years, Petit Lem can take your baby into his or her teenage years. The pajamas for older children are my favorite.

Do you like Petit Lem clothing for babies?

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