How to Lose Baby Weight: Drink More Water!

Flickr photo by Preconscious Eye
Alright mamas! If you're trying to lose baby weight (and even if you aren't), I have a tip for you today that virtually anyone can do, anywhere, at almost any time.

Go and get yourself a glass of water, at least 8 ounces of it, and  -- drink it. Chill it over ice cubes or pour it straight from the tap. You just did yourself a big favor. Give yourself a pat on the back!

Here's why:


Research suggests that drinking plenty of water is good for everyone, under any circumstances. It promotes healthy skin, aids in digestion, AND can help you lose weight.

Water helps you lose weight in several ways: If you tend to retain water, drinking more water can help flush out your system.

Replacing high-calorie beverages like soda or fruit juice with water cuts hundreds of calories a week. Let's say you cut 200 calories a day from that afternoon cola or sugary coffee drink; you could lose 20 pounds in a year, just from making that one change! (That is, if you don't raid the cupcakes every night after dinner.)

Drinking water can also help if you're cutting calories or counting points. An easy way to get through that afternoon hunger stretch is to drink a big glass of water. I like to fill up my water bottle after lunch and mix with a little Crystal Light. You can also buy fruit-flavored water with little or no calories. The grape flavor is my favorite. Slamming one of those can curb your hunger and help you feel fuller, longer.

Don't forget that if you're drinking diet soda or coffee all day long, too much caffeine can dehydrate your body, meaning you actually need to drink more H20 to create a proper fluid balance.

How do you like your water? How could you help yourself drink more?

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