Daily Baby Photo Shoots

Little boy in polka dots
Photo by Julie Ryan Evans
How often do you take photos of your baby?

Whatever your answer, it can never be too many.

When my son was born, one of my favorite activities was to photograph him in various settings, outfits, moods and anything else that struck my fancy. Whenever I felt bored or a need to do something new, I'd reach for my camera.

I didn't wait for holidays or visitors to come around; I simply shot our life ... a lot. Usually, it was once a day, sometimes many more. My husband seriously worried that I was going to damage my son's eyes because I was always flashing a camera in his face.


I have pictures of Nolan screaming, holding flowers, posed with Valentine's Day props, potty training, doing nothing and in pretty much every park within a 30-mile radius of Seattle. I'm not a professional photographer by any means, but regardless of the quality, the memories have been captured.  

My family and friends came to look forward to the daily sets of photos I sent out and started to go ballistic question what was wrong when I'd skip a day. It's been a great way to keep family and friends (who mostly live out of state) involved in our daily lives over the years.

Our Shutterfly library (huge!) serves as a visual diary of his life. Seriously, if you ask me when his first steps were, I may not be able to find it in his sparse baby book, but I could definitely find the moment captured in a photo.

As he's gotten older and life has gotten busier, our photo shoots have slowed down (though friends do still refer to me as the "Mamarazzi"). Photo shoots of my 16-month-old daughter don't happen nearly as often I'd like. But whenever we have a spare moment to occupy, I still grab my camera and start shooting whatever my children are doing on a given day. Because no matter how mundane, I want to remember it forever.

How often do you take pictures of your baby?

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