We're All Crying the Happy Tears: Best Reader Comments

baby in toy box
Photo by LelandsMommy
Fancy strollers, inappropriate toys and a breath-taking video of baby hearing his mother's voice. Here are the best reader comments in baby this week:


Julie shared a video of baby Jonathan hearing his mother's voice for the first time thanks to a cochlear implant. Freela said:

That made me cry... that was awesome!  It's amazing what technology can do in good hands!

Me too, Freela!

As my baby plays with a walkie talkie meant for three year olds, I asked you all if you ever ignored the age requirements on toy packages. A great answer from tyrelsmom:

I frequently ignore the ages.  Well, ignore is a bad word.  I notice them, figure out why they put those ages on them, and then decide for myself whether that applies in our particular case.

Michele's babies are 6 months old already! Michele is still breastfeeding and asked if she should delay solids, since Pippi and Hunter are preemies, and you all had great advice. MoDLin had this to say:

If your tots are getting enough and are growing well there is no need to rush into solids.  I agree that your doc, who should know their health and readiness better than anyone, will let you know when it's time.  When that time comes have fun with it, and keep a wash cloth handy!  :-)

The new beautiful Britax stroller commercial made a lot of you awwww, but not so much that you're opening your wallet. A common theme from sodapple:

 i like the stroller! would love to see the price though

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