Baby Mama of the Week: Kailani of An Island Life

baby kaila  an island life
Baby Kaila
You don't have to live in the Hawaiian islands to enjoy Kailani's blog, An Island Life, but it sure would be nice, right?

This mother to three daughters, Kacie, (age 8) Kiana, (age 4) and Kaila (age 7 months - pictured, so cute!!!), Kailani is also a flight attendant and obviously, super mom.

An Island Life will not only give you a thorough review of every baby product you ever wanted to check out, but offers a holiday shopping guide and incredible information about entertainment, lodging and food when you take your island vacation.

Of course we get also get to know Kailani's lovely daughters whether we peek inside their birthday parties or the (sniff!) first day of kindergarten.

For this information packed blog, that also allows us to imagine what it would be like to raise children in paradise, Kailani is our Baby Mama of the Week.


Name one thing about you that would surprise your readers.

The one thing that would probably surprise people is that I never had any desire to be a Mom. I was not one of those women who felt motherhood was my destiny. If it happened, great! If not, I'd be okay, too. Now after having three children I can't imagine my life without them.

What is your proudest parenting moment?

This may sound silly but my proudest parenting moment was on a recent plane ride to California. I always stress out when traveling with the kids and this was the first time we had all three girls with us. As a flight attendant, I see first hand how parents can do everything right but sometimes their kids just have a mind of their own, you know? However, at the end of the flight the lady sitting across from us leaned over and commented on how well behaved my children were. It was music to my ears.

What's your secret coping mechanism?

Putting them to bed early. I'm not kidding! Once the sun goes down, the kids are in bed. However, it was a lot easier when they couldn't tell time.

When your baby is old enough to Google, which blog post are you most afraid of her reading? 

I don't think I've embarrassed her too much yet but I'm sure that will change soon. However, if I had to choose one it would probably be this Wordless Wednesday post. One day she'll look back and be amazed at how flexible she used to be.

What is the best piece of parenting advice you can give?

Enjoy your kids while you can. There are days when my girls drive me absolutely insane by calling "Mommy!" 100 times or want to constantly ask me questions when all I want is peace and quiet. But I know that one day they will grow up and realize that I'm not as cool as they think I am now. So I'm enjoying the attention while I can get it.


Hear more from Kailini at An Island Life.

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