Baby's First Pasta

baby's first pasta
Photo from Take Back Your Table
I'm feeling the pasta love today, and discovered this super-fun recipe for baby's first pasta at one of my favorite food blogs, Take Back Your Table.

I can't decide what's cuter, the picture of Christina's baby boy or the fact that this is a family recipe for baby's first pasta! Okay, it's the picture.


This pasta recipe is simple but complex enough to please an adult (as she admits to eating alongside her baby). The biggest challenge I had was finding Pastina. Luckily I have a speciality shop close by, and I'm glad I searched it out. It's the perfect-sized pasta when babies start solids.

Whether you're an "Italian girl from Brooklyn" or not, this delicious pasta recipe will make you and your baby beg for una maggior quantità di baby's first pasta. (Did I translate that correctly?!? -- I'm a Cajun girl and not from Brooklyn anymore ... ).


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