Baby Walkie Talkie: Do You Copy?

kid tough walkie talkie
Fisher-Price; $20
Most of the time I pay strict attention to the age requirements on toys, but occasionally you realize you can ignore the advice from the company as long as there aren't any choking hazards involved.

So when I received these Kid-Tough walkie talkies from Fisher-Price, I sent my 4-year-old and her buddy outside to play. Don't get me wrong, those two had a blast trying to figure out the channel setting and where exactly they needed to be in order to hear the other one in talkie time instead of real time.

But ever since that first day, it's my 14-month-old who has been playing walkie talkie more often than the 4-year-old -- even when no one else will play with him.


Judah likes pressing buttons, noise, and throwing things. So the Kid-Tough walkie talkies are kind of perfect for the little guy. It doesn't matter what he's tuned into (and sometimes, hilariously, he is picking up on some local talkie traffic), he will push the button and "talk" and stop and listen to the static response.

No one has yet talked back (unless my husband hides in the other room after making sure they're on the same channel -- also cute), but Judah doesn't seem to mind the solo walkie talkie game.

While this is his sister's toy, my baby boy is having a blast with the Kid-Tough.

Kid-Tough Walkie Talkies ($20) -- Fisher-Price

Do you ever ignore the age on the toy's box?

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