Worried About Feeding Your Baby Grilled Meat?

grilled meat rosemary
Flickr photo by woodleywonderworks
While I enjoy a burger cooked on the grill, I balk at feeding my baby, or his big sister, anything cooked over flame. After all, what's the point of shopping organic and antibiotic-free if I'm adding in toxins?

In addition to limiting the amount of meat we eat, I'm taking the advice in this New York Times article and adding rosemary to any meat that gets tossed on the fire.


According to the Journal of Food Science, adding rosemary into your burger significantly cuts down on heterocyclic amines. You don't need to know how to pronounce it, just know that it's really bad for you. In some cases, the rosemary eliminated 90 percent of the cancer-causing toxins.

While onions, garlic, and lemon juice also decrease these carcinogens, rosemary seems to be the ultimate weapon. I always season with onion and garlic, but now I'll be adding lemon juice and sprinkling in the rosemary as well to decrease my baby's lifelong exposure to chemicals.

Will you start adding rosemary to your grilled meals?

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