Bethenny Frankel Skinny Again After Baby

Bethenny frankel
Photo by Splash News
Real Housewives of New York's Bethenny Frankel is rocking a size 4 not even a month after she had baby Bryn.

The newlywed gained 35 pounds when she was pregnant with her daughter and has already lost 29 of them.

In three weeks. Three WEEKS! This photo was taken just the other day.

How did she do it?


"I don't believe in diets," she told US Weekly.

But she does believe in eating a lot of veggies. She also said she took long walks and did yoga.

Frankel said she eats "a muffin and fruit for breakfast, a veggie sandwich and soup at lunch, and BBQ chicken and a half a sweet potato for dinner."

She is naturally thin, which is also the name of her book, so it may have been easier for her to get back to pre-baby weight. 

Bethenny is also breastfeeding, which helps get some weight off.

I'm like Bethenny in that I go for long walks (I walk everywhere since I live in NYC) and I am breastfeeding, but I haven't had the time for yoga or much else. I wish I did -- yoga would be fun and relaxing.

She does looks fantastic and healthy, and I like the extra six pounds on her.

How have you tried to get back to pre-baby weight?

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