5 Great and Safe Bath Toys

natural rubber duck
grassrootsstore.com; $9.99
Whether you're bathing with your baby or he's in the tub solo, toys can make the whole experience a lot more fun for everyone.

Here are five of my favorite baby bath toys:

  1. Natural Rubber Duck: Every bathing beauty needs a rubber duck to keep her company. But traditional plastic ones may harbor harmful chemicals. This adorable duck is made of all-natural rubber and painted with lead-free paint. Quack, quack!
  2. Bath Letters: My son was a very early reader, and I credit part of that to tub letters. He used to spend so long in his bath playing with them that he'd prune up. We'd name the letters, make the sounds for each, and spell words. Good, clean, educational fun!
  3. Bath Squirters: They may cause a little more mopping up post-bath when your baby learns to squirt them himself, but they're so much fun they're worth it. I love this set of sea creatures that's also non-toxic and phthalate-free.
  4. Tub Puppets: Put on a show for your baby with these cute finger puppets, and since they're made of terry cloth, you can always use them to do a little cleaning too!
  5. Boats: Set sail safely with these eco-friendly boats. Made of recycled plastic milk jugs, they're also free of BPA, PVC, and phthalates.

What are your baby's favorite bath toys?

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